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rip307 swimwear

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about rip307

rip307 swimwear…

from kathy brunner is a one woman-firm located in Berne Switzerland which is producing a small collection of swimsuits

moves on the cutting edge between swim sport and art, combines original designs with high quality materials and adapts the cuts to the needs of the swim sport

is geared towards athletes, swimmers, sportsmen and women and professionals working in and around the water with high demands on design, material and cuts


why rip307 swimwear?

There are (at least) 3 reasons why you should choose rip307 swimwear. And the best: you can combine all 3!

  • design

All the prints are designed by artists, textile designers or graphic designers. They give rip307 swimwear a unique handwriting and transfer the swimsuits into eye catchers.

  • models/cuts

rip307 swimwear fits like a second skin: the three standard models m4a (made for athletes), m4e (made for everyone) and m4m (made for men) are developed in collaboration with athletes and professionals in the field of water sports and they have been tested during endless hours in the water. The models m4a and m4e can be constructed according to your personal preferences with four extras (neck hight, leg height, back and combined sizes). If you have a special wish, the model m2m (made to measure) is the right one for you – a model made especially for you, according to your measurements and to your wishes, personally made by kathy brunner.

  • material/construction

The construction and the materials used correspond to the highest demands and are aimed at professionals who spend a lot of time in the water. The construction is very durable, the threads are soft on the skin and the elastic does not cut into your skin.


And one more point: all models of rip307 swimwear – except the special edition “streamline” (made in Istanbul) – is individually made in Switzerland. The fabric is produced in France and Italy and the designs are printed in Italy.


what does rip307 mean?

Rip (tear) is a term used in the sport of competitive diving that refers to the entry into the water with little or no splash. If technically executed properly, it sounds like the ripping of a piece of paper or fabric. 307 is the diving number for a reverse 3½ somersault.